Monday, 7 May 2012

An Octopuses Garden In The Shade.. X

Alex Muir a professional hat designer has came into our college to teach us how to make hats! We were given a brief in which we had to pick either The Octopuses Garden or The Borrowers, I chose The Octopuses Garden as its full of amazing fish and colour. The inspiration from my hat came from a this photograph below.

1-Stretch and pin sinimay to a block.
2-Steam it to take away any creases.
3-I painted the sinimay peach. 
4-I then tried to stiffen the sinimay by painting it with PVA glue. 
5-Put a wire around the edging, fold the sinimay over it and do a running stitch to hold it in place.
6-I then took it to the sewing machine and secured the stitching more. 
7-Painted bridal vail peach. 
8-wrapped the painted bridal vail around the top of the hat and machine stitched and hand stitched this into place.
9-Got a smaller block and blocked off some more sinimay to fit onto a head.
10-I then got some Petersham binding to go around this to make it more comfortable.
11-I then stitched this onto the bigger part of my hat. 

And this is the finished product!  Kindly modeled by Kirsty Sidey

Chloe X

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