Thursday, 23 August 2012

art on the skin!

Okay so I have three tattoos, above was my first! 3 stars, the idea came from rihannas tattoo except i wanted to add a bit of colour!  This tattoo was one me and 10 of my friends got on our bums while on holiday! We loved that song and it was a song we listened to loads on holiday and because it says the word ass we thought why not get it on our bums? nobody can see it and its something that weel all have a memory of. What a laugh, and not to mention it was so painful.. DONT DO IT! 
 I really love daisys! So for my birthday i decided i wanted one around my ankle. I love it, the only thing i dislike is that its not around my ankle its half way up my leg. so in the next few months i am going to get more added to it, coming down my leg and maybe even onto my foot! Exciiiited, il post a photo of the finished result :)

Chloe X

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