Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So all though the Olympics are over, one of my classes is based on it! I have to design a bag on a specific part of the Olympics. So because my boyfriend is a boxer and i no a fair amount about it, i decided to base it on that! Here is a few sketches from my sketchbook. 

A Sketch of boxing gloves, in pen. 

A speed ball. done in watercolour. 

Here i done some Lino printing. this was taken from the background of a photo of boxers. I used here some lino, and scalpoled out a pattern. I then rollered on paint and started printing. 

Close up drawings of the boxing glove. Watercolour. 

Small bag design.

Boxing ring. Colour pencil, dyed string.

Olympic circles. 

Speed ball, dyes.

Weaving, taken from the background of this photograph.

Looking at the lettering in my boyfriends shorts.

Boxing bag.

Printed lines.

Some more lino printing. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

birthday celebrations!

Okay so not really posted an outfit post in a while! It was my birthday yesterday and i had a night out on saturday for it so just thought id post a few pics :) 

I had a majorrrrrrrrrrrrr outfit dilema! My mum had bought me a lovely dress from Newlook but when i tried it on i just didn't like it and felt chubby in it! So last minute dress shopping it was! I looked everywhere and finally went into a shop which i dont normally go in to!! And found this beauty :) 

from a department in Debenhams!   I loved it on and that was my problem solved :)

 me and a few of my friends having a pre-drink before hitting town! ( i was not wearing my flats out and ash was not wearing her socks out lol)
finally me being a poser! with my new hair-doo and dress!