Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Garment construction!

So in my garment construction we have started to put our designs into the real thing! So we start by doing it in paper. As easy as doing these look, they are far from it! 

These are photographs of my first manipulation. Next i will change the neck curve and flare out the bottom of the dress. I will upload photos of my second manipulation soon! Chloe xo xo

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Beneath the surface!

Hey ho! This is my first time writing a new post from my mobile so i apologise in advance if its a bit all over the place!

In an earlier post i showed one of my on going projects called beneath the surface.
I am looking at beneath the skin, so bones etc.

In the earlier post i showed the drawings
In my sketchbook. I am now going to show some photos of how my shirt is coming on!

I made a mini shirt to start off with to see what it looked like! I then started off by dying my shirt to my colour pallette. Then istarted cutting out. Its not finished yet il post another pic of the final piece soon!