Thursday, 21 March 2013

presentation for college.

I have a presentation to do for college. I thought i would put it on here also, to share it with you bloggers :)

 My project is based on re.... use re....cycle etc. so i thought. what do we throw out a lot of?? Foood!!! mostly fruit and veg.  So i started looking around the internet for people who make clothes from food. (strange i know).

Banana skins, waffles, 

                                                                        Fruit skins.

                                       Tomatos. these were all found on Natasa Vladisavljevic's blog.

I then came across something that was rather amazing!

                     This is by Suzanne Lee. She grows her own clothes!! I have never heard of this before. It is called bio - couture. She uses yeast and sweetened tea in a special bath and grows her clothes. This takes several weeks - her next mission is to make these waterproof.

                                       Here is a video of how she achieves this.

I then found another person who moulds different shapes using fairy liquid and beef gelitine. Her name is Emily Crane.

So from here i started looking at different foods.

  I like the really pearcing colour and raw edge.

     Here is a quick drawing of an onion

i also tried shibori to get the sharp line. 

I then started looking at the lines and shapes of the onion.

again looking at the shape, on some netting, using free hand embrodiery. 

                                                    here i painted an apple and printed with it.

I then started looking at kiwis. Again looking at the nice colour, textures and shapes. 

This is my own drawing of the kiwis.

another drawing.

another drawing.

another drawing. 

I then started looking at how i can transfer my ideas into fabric samples. 

I first started looking at how to get the colour and texture of the skin of a kiwi. I drestressed the edges using a wire brush and also cut some holes into it to give a rough look.

i then looked at layering my destressed fabric, covering up as much stitch as i could.

                              i then thought of how to bring the inside of the kiwi in, so i introduced a green layer.

I then thought about other fabrics to use. So i used a silk for the green piece to represent the smoothness of the inside of the kiwi. wheras the brown represents the skin of the kiwi. 

I then started to draw up a couple of designs. This is one for an accessory. A long scarf, layered, mostly brown layers with the occasional green layer. which would have black french knot stitches on them to represent the seeds (still need to sample this)

This is another design. A layered skirt, but this time more green that brown. Again with some black french knot stitches.