Thursday, 16 May 2013

Finals submissions!!!

Recycling project! Based on kiwis! 
2 dresses and an accessorie. I was mainly focusing on the colours and layers. 

This was based on trends from summer/winter 2014. The two trends chosen were blushing beauty and botanic gardens.  I mixed these too. 
My yellow dress has to have a few minor things added to it! 

This project was based on beneath the surface. I was looking at beneath the skin. So bones etc. i made a mini shirt and a human sized shirt using golden organza and embellishing the whole thing. 

This project believe it or not was based on trees ( you can see how i came to this result in an earlier post) it was an accessory class. I made a clutch bag. Headband and a cuff. I used bright dyes and spray bleach! I also used polycotton, plastics, wires and the stuff u use in milinary (cannot for the life of me remember the name) 

Igloo dress! Made with polycotton, old bed sheets, wadding and lots of free hand machine stitch!!